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Why Vote for Me? 

I bring unique perspectives, knowledge, and experience that will enable me to work with the voluntary bars, legal services providers, and Bar members to further our mutual missions.  My first significant leadership experience came when I was 26 years old, working as an air traffic controller, and a nationwide union was certified for my work force.  I served as the local vice-president, delegate to the national organizing convention, and chair of the legislative committee, and helped to form and operate the union from scratch. 

In addition, from 1998 to 2000, I worked with the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the NFL team, to employ innovative tools for helping other nonprofits maximize their beneficial impact on underserved communities. Our work was so innovative and effective that the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, then the world’s largest philanthropy devoted to children, partnered with us, funded me to travel to other cities and educate others in professional sports, and featured one of our programs – out of 2,300 that it helped fund – on the cover of its 1998 annual report. 

Through these experiences, I gained valuable knowledge and tools that will allow me to serve the D.C. Bar in ways that I could not have learned in a lifetime of practicing law.  I learned to lead by listening to and learning from others and then to reach consensus that reflects the combined talents and diverse viewpoints of the contributors.  I learned that there are talented, passionate people in every organization and community, and that the leader’s job is to find them, learn about the challenges they face, and make creative use of resources to give them what they need to succeed.  That is precisely the approach I would take as President-Elect and then President, particularly when working with the voluntary bars, legal services providers, and Bar members to help them serve their missions and accomplish their goals.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve them as President-Elect. 


Wiley Rein at the Lawyers Have Heart race. 


 Past DC Bar Presidents

  • Andrea C. Ferster

  • Ronald S. Flagg

  • George W. Jones, Jr.

  • John "Jack" C. Keeney, Jr.

  • Carolyn B. Lamm

  • Myles V. Lynk

  • Andrew H. Marks

  • Patrick McGlone

  • John W. Nields, Jr.

  • Stephen J. Pollak

  • James J. Sandman

  • Annamaria Steward

  • Joan H. Strand

  • Robert N. Weiner

  • Melvin White

 Other Bar leaders


  • Rod Boggs

  • Edgar Class

  • Jill Dash

  • Marc Fleischaker

  • Ann K. Ford

  • Mark Herzog

  • Bridget Bailey Lipscomb

  • Amy Nelson

  • Kendra Norwood

  • Allen Orr, Jr.

  • Lee Petro

  • Jessica Rosenbaum


  • National Bar Association Region XII

  • DC Consortium of Legal Service Providers 

  • Greater Washington Area Chapter, Women Lawyers Division, National Bar Association (GWAC)

  • Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia (HBA-DC)

  • Asian Pacific American Bar Association of the Greater Washington, D.C. Area, Inc. (APABA-DC) 

  • South Asian Bar Association of Washington, DC (SABA-DC) 

  • Washington Bar Association (WBA) 

  • Washington Council of Lawyers 

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